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Smart Choice Plumbing and Rooter is proud to provide service in Borger, Texas.

Borger is currently one of our furthest service locales, although one we believe should have access to exceptional plumbing service. As a result, we opened our services up to Borger and haven’t looked back since. Even as a smaller town, we believe that the rural areas surrounding Amarillo should have access to large city amenities. At Smart Choice, it has always been our desire to incorporate the values of small-town Texas (hard work, hospitality, trustworthiness, and quality). As a result, it keeps us grounded. The current drive from Amarillo to Borger can take place in roughly 45 minutes to 54. Meaning, that if we receive a call for plumbers in Borger TX, we can be there expeditiously. Our clientele in Borger is just as important as our clientele in Amarillo, Dumas, and anywhere else that we provide service. As a result, we are willing to commute to offer an unparalleled experience in excellence. Whether you are a resident in Borger, or a commercial building looking to install plumbing, we’re happy to assist. As we continue to work heavily in Borger, we are learning the local ordinances and regulations- a key component of plumbing protocol.

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All About Plumbing Borger TX

As you expand into smaller towns, the selection for quality service will typically disintegrate. To be clear, this is not to insinuate that the plumbing businesses in Borger are inadequate or can’t provide good service. Contrarily, we at Smart Choice believe that every individual should have access to a variety of different businesses. As a town of just over 14,000 residents, Borger has an ideal market and demand to make our work up there worthwhile. At the same time, our operation feels we provide a specific service that cannot be replicated by other plumbing providers in the area. As of now the options for plumbing choices in Borger aren’t abundant. Especially when it comes to scope and capabilities. That’s why we feel passionate about our team’s capabilities and the wide-ranging services we can provide for you at a moment’s notice. Don’t let commute times scare you away from commitment. With our impeccable track record for excellence, we are the group of expert plumber Borger TX can rely on for big-city service and small-town values. Here are the values we implement into our daily offerings, reminiscent of Borger’s own exceptional optics. 


Stemming from our roots in integrity, trust is a key factor in creating relationships with our clients. As your plumber Borger TX team, we will make it our priority to ensure that you never walk away feeling like a job was not completed to your standards. Establishing trust with our clients looks like taking accountability when necessary, staying true to our word, and continuing to show up for the businesses that show up for us.


You simply will not find a plumbing team that focuses on quality quite like we do. As a full-service provider, Borger residents and commercial business owners will find we are capable of tackling any plumbing issue. Every job that we undertake is punctuated by quality, and an incredible knack for what we do. Come find out for yourself, and let’s connect in Borger today.


In our current world, we’re living in a time where machinery and robotics are taking over certain elements of trade industries. As a result, it’s become easier for certain individuals to put less into their craft than ever before. At Smart Choice, we’ve never lost sight of the hard work that earned us our reputation for excellence. Above all else, we wish to embody the spirit of dedicated work and unparalleled craftsmanship. We feel we demonstrate our dedication through a myriad of ways from our willingness to commute to our inability to end a project until it’s completed to our customer’s satisfaction. Whatever the case may be, we’re the plumbers Borger TX can rely on for a no-frills approach that gets down to business.


Southern hospitality isn’t just mythos, and anyone who’s from or has spent time in the south knows that to be true. Customer service is at the epicenter of all that we offer, making hospitality as important in our work as the actual plumbing we provide. Ultimately, we are a business driven by customer satisfaction first, and profits second. If a job is not completed to your satisfaction, it’s not completed, period. Despite our ongoing success and continuous knowledge regarding all that we do in plumbing, we never lose sight of the people who’ve put us in business.

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