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Welcome to Smart Choice Plumbing and Rooter where exemplary workmanship goes hand-in-hand with impeccable customer service.

For years, we’ve provided Amarillo and its surrounding areas with plumbing help that renders proven results and peace of mind. Plumbing is pertinent to the overall health and functionality of your home and should be treated with utmost precision and care. When it comes to your property why settle for anything less than exceptional? We treat every home with respect and reverence as if it were our own. We honor the simple yet effective policy of always leaving rooms and their accessories better than we found them. Our seasoned team of technicians has worked on a wide variety of projects throughout the greater Amarillo area, installing and repairing countless different plumbing ailments. If you’re currently experiencing issues with any facet of your plumbing, contact us, the best plumbers in Amarillo.

Smart Choice Plumbing and Rooter is a locally owned and operated business that incorporates the best of small-town charm with big-city talent. We are an operation for Texans by Texans that champions the unmistakable values synonymous with the Lonestar State. Hospitable, industrious, and humble, we treat every job with the same level of priority and importance. We recognize who keeps us in business, hence why people will always come first in our business practice. At Smart Choice, our top priority is to take the inherently unpleasant experience of undergoing plumbing repair and making it as pain-free and seamless as possible. With years of experience to guide us, we can quickly diagnose issues and provide the necessary services needed to restore your plumbing to its optimal functioning. We’re here at the first sign of trouble and conveniently gone as soon as everything is back up and running so that you can resume your daily ongoings. Let our plumbers in Amarillo  take care of you.                   

Plumbers Amarillo TX and its Surrounding Areas Can Utilize For Quick Service

If anyone understands the urgency of quelling plumbing issues, it’s us! Going about your day only to encounter issues with your bathroom is nothing short of extremely stressful. Especially if you’re not sure who to call or don’t have a current plumbing team. Allows us to be that team with our lofty standards for professionalism. Moreover, with our dependable plumbing Amarillo TX team, you’ll experience some of the fastest turnaround times in the metro. We answer calls, return calls, and set up appointments at a moment’s notice ensuring you get out of the problem, and into the solution as soon as possible.

For your further convenience, Smart Choice is available for service all across the metropolitan area. We travel expeditiously from place to place completing jobs as far as 45+ miles away. We understand that with plumbing issues time is often of the essence, which is why we make concerted efforts to ensure your plumbing issue is addressed with punctuality and tact. We emphasize the importance of time management in every job that we take on. Furthermore, our onsite ability to diagnose problems is unmatched by any other plumber guy in the industry. We save our clients copious amounts of time by being able to quickly make judgment calls and implement necessary fixes and solutions. 

Before we list the areas where we are currently available for service, here are some key facts to know about our operation. Firstly, if you have any questions about our boundaries or our availability of service in your area, please do not hesitate to reach out. If you are in a bedroom community, suburb, or town/city directly adjacent to Amarillo, chances are you’re eligible for our services. We also service locations as far as an hour removed from Amarillo. With that in mind, it never hurts to verify our boundaries. We make a concerted effort to offer most areas/locations we serve same-day service on a myriad of issues. (keep in mind, certain problems may require return service, in addition to ordering parts and other logistical elements). For smaller, everyday plumbing occurrences, we can quickly remedy most issues. We prioritize offering dependable plumbing Amarillo residents can call on for immediate and emergency services.

We currently service the following locations:

Amarillo (city limits/metro)

We are happy to travel to Amarillo’s rural communities at no extra cost to our clients! It’s our belief that everyone should have access to quality plumbing regardless of location.

Our Plumbers Amarillo TX Crew Takes on Commercial Projects Too!

Plumbing mishaps can occur anywhere that plumbing exists, including the office and other commercial buildings. For business owners, a plumbing issue will often affect their bottom line and livelihood. As a result, we offer specialized commercial plumbing services designed to get your business back on track with minimal disturbance to your everyday operations. Our team uses state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to take on any number of plumbing issues, including those that are larger scale and require laborious involvement. We offer our services to commercial buildings of all ventures ranging in size and stature. When it comes to our commercial offerings, we can provide any service available for residential spaces, and more, depending on the nature of your building’s issue. Regardless of whether your space is commercial or residential, we approach each job using the same tactics and meticulousness. Once we establish the problem our plumbers will take immediate action to resolve the issue(s). When it comes to competent plumbers Amarillo businesses can rely on for on-demand, quality service, we’re the crew for the job.

Not sure if your business qualifies for our commercial plumbing service or constitutes emergency help? We provide more context in our commercial plumbing section available on this website. Moreover, if you’re ready to get the ball rolling on a project be it commercial or residential, we’d love to hear from you. Call us today and we’ll get you one step further away from the problem, and one step closer to the solution. Smart Choice is here to serve you in whatever capacity you may need with our customized plumbing services. 

The Plumbers in Amarillo TX with Unmatched Emergency Services

We’re the first to admit that any issue with plumbing can feel like it constitutes emergency service. For instance, you wake up in the morning to see a busted pipe or clogged drains, and your immediate instinct is to have the issue resolved without delay. Luckily, we implicitly understand the need for resolution and our general plumbing services are available in short order, restoring the health of your business or residence on a rapid timeline. Nevertheless, some issues require immediate care or else you threaten damaging your home or space in very expensive and sometimes even irreparable ways. With our emergency services, both commercial and residential customers can call on us at any time to receive on-demand quality care. What constitutes an emergency service? Here are common problems that typically need urgent care: 

Sewage System Backup

No explanation needed! A sewage system backup is by and large one of the most unpleasant plumbing issues there is. A backup doesn’t necessarily constitute emergency services however, the perfect storm of minor issues may put you in a position of needing emergency repair. When you need a knowledgeable team to quickly remedy time-sensitive issues, we use experience and keen intuition to solve problems.


Several leaks start off as small and innocuous. In certain cases that may be true, like a leaky faucet for example. However, if you notice leaks are starting to damage the walls, floors, or other areas of your home, the quicker you act the better. What starts as a small leak a week ago, can quickly materialize into something far more expensive and dangerous. No questions asked, you need a dependable plumbing Amarillo team to address your leaks.


Flooding can occur for a few distinct reasons however it most commonly occurs when a pipe is broken. Flooding requires instant intervention. If you are currently experiencing flooding, we urge you to call our emergency line as soon as possible. We’ll be there in short order to address the issue.

And More

Here’s the thing when your home’s health is compromised there are no foolish questions. If you’re not sure about the validity of your issue as an emergency, we are more than happy to discuss your problem and give you our advice. You may be surprised to hear that your problem is an emergency. Regardless, we operate from the notion that you are ALWAYS better safe than sorry. A well-intentioned oversight today might cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars in repair tomorrow. If you think you may be experiencing an emergency issue with your plumbing, call us now.

Services at a Glance

On our website, you will find an entire section dedicated to our services that offers a brief synopsis of what they entail. Nevertheless, here is a debriefing of our most popular services. Bear in mind, every local we service has access to the exact same catalog whether you’re requesting help for an Amarillo plumbing, Borger plumbing, or Canyon plumbing job. Whether you’re in the heart of the city or outside in a rural zone, we offer our full catalog to ensure you receive nothing but the best. If you’re interested in a quote, call us today. We provide free consultations and estimates to give you an idea of what you can expect.

✅ Hot Water Installation

✅ Electric Hot Water Heater Work
✅ Comprehensive Sewer and Septic Repair
✅ Water Filtration- Including Water Softener Setup and Help
✅ Drain Cleaning (of all spaces including sinks, tubs, and more)
✅ Emergency Plumbing (we offer emergency plumbing Amarillo services for both commercial and residential spaces)

✅ General plumbing services conducted by experts
✅ Fixture plumbing
✅ Hydro-Jetting
✅ Comprehensive Toilet Care
✅ Faucet and Sink Work
✅ Water Filtration
✅ Sewer Camera Inspection
✅ And More! 

If it pertains to plumbing, there’s no issue that we cannot solve. However, if for whatever reason we cannot fix an issue, or an issue requires additional help from other contractors, Smart Choice can provide you with recommendations and referrals for the right individuals. We are a well-respected and revered member of our community, and we work in tandem with plenty of other exceptional industry players to bring you the best in holistic care. 

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Our Values in Action- Why Choose Plumbers Amarillo Team?

When it comes to plumbers in the area, we know there are several contractors who are competent and fair. However, we strongly believe that our team at Smart Choice can offer a level of service and craftsmanship unparalleled and untouched by any of our competitors. Moreover, we believe that true quality speaks for itself, which is why we prefer to let our work take center stage. With that said, here is a brief list of our most important business principles, and reasons why we believe our team is right for your next Amarillo, Fritch, Dumas, Borger, or Canyon plumbing job:


At the epicenter of every business, regardless of industry, should be integrity. Integrity is what keeps us honest, transparent, and always focused on putting the customer first. Integrity also requires us to say that profits matter, but never more than people, and we do our part to encourage open communication with each of our clients. If our clients don’t feel comfortable coming to us with questions and concerns, we’re not operating within our integrity.

Equitable and Fairly Priced

Several leaks start off as small and innocuous. In certain cases that may be true, like a leaky faucet for example. However, if you notice leaks are starting to damage the walls, floors, or other areas of your home, the quicker you act the better. What starts as a small leak a week ago, can quickly materialize into something far more expensive and dangerous. No questions asked, you need a dependable plumbing Amarillo team to address your leaks.


Licensed and insured, we only employ high-caliber team members. The kind of plumbers Amarillo TX both needs and deserves. Need we say more?


At the end of the day, if you don’t learn from your experience, it’ll only take you so far. Our experience has taught us just as much about what to do as what not to do. As a result, you will find our plumbers are highly intuitive yet always adaptable, leaving room for innovation when needed. We’re not infallible, but on the rare occasion we do make mistakes, we always stay accountable.