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From Drains to Sewer Repair Amarillo Located Plumbing

As one of Amarillo’s top plumbing providers, we proudly offer a wide scope of services designed to accommodate each and every component of your plumbing system. 

From comprehensive toilet care to high-quality sewer repair Amarillo deserves, you’ll find a competent plumber on our team ready to execute the job. Currently, we provide these services for residential and commercial customers alike. If you have any questions regarding our services, including pricing, quotes, and estimates, please call us today. The more details we have about your specific project or repair, the better equipped we’ll be to answer personalized questions.

Sewer Repair:

In order for your plumbing system to perform efficiently, your sewer system must be highly operational. There are various components that make up a sewer system, all of which, we at Smart Choice can provide repair for. Most commonly we take care of sewer line repair whether it encompasses one major-section, or multiple problem areas. We will collaborate with you to execute the most effective repair strategy possible both in cost and timeline. Given our many years of experience, Smart Choice also works effectively with customers who have sewer protection through homeowner’s insurance. Regardless of your finances, we’ll find a way to get you the best rate possible. Our sewer repair Amarillo service begins by thoroughly investigating and pinpointing the issue. From there, we can decipher a strategy for repair customized to fit your system’s optics.

Drain Cleaning:

We implement a highly professional drain cleaning service using modernized equipment to ensure you receive the most thorough cleaning possible. Our enhanced protocol enables us to get into the tightest of drain spaces resulting in the extraction of any materials that might currently be blocking the efficient flow and drainage of water. We service drains of all shapes, sizes, and functions including

  • Kitchen Sinks
  • Bathroom Sinks
  • Bathtubs
  • Showers
  • Floor Drains
  • Toilets
  • Urinals
  • Drinking Fountains
  • Sewers
  • Downspouts
  • Septic Lines
  • And More

At Smart Choice, we implement a cleaning protocol far more sophisticated and effective than your typical store-bought solution. If you continue to experience issues with the draining of your lines, despite multiple attempts to fix them yourself, we highly recommend retaining our cleaning services today. We offer affordable options that will keep your drains running smoothly and keep your hard-earned money away from draining solutions. A good cleaning can revitalize your draining systems allowing for a more proactive and functional system.

Water Filtration and Softener:

As one of the top water filtration & softener businesses in Amarillo, Texas, we offer a comprehensive approach to your systems designed to optimize their efficiency and output. If you’re unfamiliar with water filtration and softener systems, our educated plumbers can give you a nuanced rundown of the potential benefits for your home. These systems extract the minerals out of your water, in turn providing the following benefits:

  • Easier on skin
  • Lower energy bill
  • Brighter fabrics
  • Longer lasting plumbing
  • Better hair
  • No stains attributed to hard water
  • Cleaner dishes
  • Environmentally friendly
  • And more.

If you’re interested in hearing about any of these benefits in-depth, our plumbers will gladly provide more context when discussing our installation policy and protocol. As for our professional opinion? There are a lot of advantages to having a highly rendered water filtration system. If you decide to install, we’ll help you by providing the most extensive breakdown of what to expect and how to get the absolute most out of your system. 

Emergency Plumbing:

If you suspect you may have an emergency plumbing issue on your hands we urge you to call immediately. Regardless of the issue’s visual severity, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Small, innocuous issues can snowball into major ones in short order. Everything from leaks to pipe bursts is a potential threat to your home. When left unattended they can cause expensive and sometimes irreparable damage to your home. Our emergency services help residents and commercial owners who cannot wait for a standard repair. While certain issues might not seem like they qualify as emergency problems, in cases where your home might be at risk, it’s always wise to get a second opinion. If you’re unsure of your need for emergency services, we are happy to take your call on our emergency line. From there, we can gain a better sense of context and recommend a course of action whether that entails immediate repair or further investigation from our team. Either way, we’ll assist you in moving forward. 

We Are Ready To Serve You

Expert Plumbing Services:

When it comes to general plumbing work, why not choose a team with expertise and experience? Smart Choice Plumbing and Rooter is a staple in the Amarillo metropolitan area, assisting both businesses and homeowners with countless repairs and installation projects. Our general expert services improve the overall functionality of your plumbing systems, offering a professional opinion to help maintain optimal health. We designed our expert services with our clients in mind, countless of whom rely on top-of-the-line systems. As experts in the field, we can recommend everything from operational plumbing anatomy to the best models and systems available for improvement. If you’re trying to gauge the current health and functionality of your system, our expert plumbing services are a smart choice.


Hydro jetting is a modernized cleaning practice that does wonders for clearing out your pipes. We offer hydro jetting services customized to fit the different areas of your home. This high-pressure service will eradicate debris and leave your pipes in their highest operational state. If you’re noticing consistent issues with your piping the hydro approach is a quick and easy way to clear pipes.

Faucets & Sinks:

A good quality faucet and sink repair can revitalize your systems without having to undergo any major overhauls. We quickly identify the issues that are currently plaguing your system and care for them accordingly. Smart Choice plumbers have vast experience working on different faucet and sink systems throughout the home. In turn, you can gain peace of mind knowing your sink is receiving proper care. Our contractors are practiced on varying types of faucets and sinks to ensure you get a proper repair.

Fixture Plumbing:

Plumbing fixtures are exchangeable devices connected to various plumbing systems to deliver and drain water. These mechanisms help promote the flow and retrieval of water. Without the proper mechanisms, your plumbing is at risk of running less effectively. Smart Choice offers up-to-date service on all of your fixtures to ensure your systems run optimally. Fortunately, the very nature of fixture plumbing allows for simple exchanges. Therefore, if you have outdated parts or mechanisms, they are typically quite easy to expel and install anew. With plenty to choose from in style and function, our plumbers will help you find the perfect choice for your home.   


If you’re experiencing any type of issue with your toilet, we are here to help. For years we’ve aided clients by restoring harmony to one of their most pertinent bathroom mechanisms, the toilet. Having a toilet that operates with fluidity and ease is a non-negotiable, especially for those who only have access to one in their space. As a result, we take extra precautions to get your toilet back up and running. Feeling embarrassed over a clog? We promise, it’s nothing our contractors haven’t seen before. Above all else, we approach each job with a diligent and discreet nature. 

Sewer Camera Inspection:

Sewer camera inspection falls under our comprehensive scope regarding sewer health. For obvious reasons, a well-maintained sewer and septic system is among the most pertinent when it comes to upkeep and optimal performance. Our sewer camera inspections help us discern a variety of different issues without having to excavate unnecessary portions of your sewer line. In doing so, we can preserve the structural integrity of your system while quickly diagnosing the problem. Our inspections are a safe and effective way to determine issues. From there, we can find the most practical solution be it replacement or repair in certain sections of your sewer.